Social Media and Internet Marketing Training

The Social Media Hat provides extensive Social Media and Internet Marketing training.For business owners who would like to be shown what to do, The Social Media Hat can provide a custom training solution. Training can come in the form of conference calls, documentation, webinars and onsite seminars as needed. Topics typically covered include:

  • How to use specific social networks (i.e. Twitter or Facebook)
  • How to write updates and posts that are compelling and engage followers
  • How to write blog posts and other content that can be shared
  • How to manage a Social Media Marketing Campaign
  • How to organize your Social Media Marketing Team
  • How to schedule blog and social media topics
  • How to maintain a consistent brand and "voice"

Training sessions can be scheduled as needed, or planned as part of an overall marketing and training strategy in conjunction with marketing consulting. Businesses located in the Greater St. Louis Area can schedule sessions ranging from 2 hours to multiple days, while businesses outside of Missouri will generally schedule sessions of one or more days.

Contact us today for a free consultation. During this time, we will discuss your needs with you and if training is required, we will provide a proposal that outlines what training can be provided, in what form, and at what cost.