Social Media

Join LinkedIn Groups to connect and interact.

Joining groups is a way to meet new people, offer and receive help, and get "social." Fostering relationships online takes time, but is well worth the effort.

You can join a maximum of 50 groups. Always evaluate the groups you are in and make sure you are in groups that are growing and active. LinkedIn will show you group statistics allowing you to see how many members there are, discussions and comments.

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#BufferTip: Use text from the article when creating a link.

When adding a link to your your buffer, before you click the buffer icon in your browser, you can highlight text from within the article. When you click the icon to add the link to your buffer, the text you highlighted is inserted instead of the article title. This is particularly useful if you want to treat the text like a quote (quotes are added automatically) or if you're sharing to Facebook or LinkedIn where the article title and teaser will shown anyways, this is nice way to add some additional information.

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