Here are some of the great comments our clients have been kind enough to share regarding the help we've provided with their website, blogging, social media, SEO or Internet marketing in general.

"I was only allowed 3 Attributes that best describes Mike at Social Media Hat. The other 4: good Value, On Time, High Integrity and Creative needed to be marked as well. 

The only reason I don't wanna say great things as he might not be available when I need him. ha ha 

He's the real deal on Social Media. Highly recommend. While he can handle the very skilled - he help a 'novice' totally work it. Thank you Mike." 

"Mike is a Social Media marketing expert who has an in depth knowledge of Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and most of the others. He is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. He has a great capacity to listen to his clients' needs and respond with ideas that produce results."

"Mike is an expert at content marketing and social media and has proven himself over and over to be invaluable to developing and maintaining our internet strategy. He generously shares his knowledge and skill, providing excellent advice and direction for any questions we have had. His work is detail oriented, well thought out and focused on the needs of his clients. A delight to work with, if you want to understand how to develop and promote great web content I would highly recommend Mike Allton and The Social Media Hat."

Mike is a rock star social media marketer! He helped me know exactly what to do, how to do it, and what to prioritize regarding my social media marketing strategy. He taught me the ins and outs of social media and cut through the clutter so I knew what I needed to know. He listens intently, provides thoughtful insights, and delivers more value than you expect. With Mike, I don't need a social media hat!

I'm recommending Mike because he is an absolutely phenomenal information resource for me. When I have a question about social media, content marketing, or branding, all I need to do is Google 'Mike Allton' followed by my question, and magically one of Mike's helpful articles appears. Mike is a PRO and I highly recommend you directly reach out to him for any questions pertaining to social media and growing your business.

I can only speak of my experience with Social Media Hat but today I had an hour mentor session with Mike Allton and he gave me some REALLY insightful suggestions for my business. I can honestly say it was the best $100 ever spent.

Mike has the ability to create content to build engagement through direct-to-consumer channels using all of the social media platforms. He is not just some new "content marketer" that has emerged, but someone that understands the value of providing great valuable content and is my goto for the latest in social media.

Business owners and brands of all sizes are trying to develop new strategies for engaging with their customers. Mike has figured it out and has the ability to take your online presence and help you get engagement.

Get inspiration from Mike for your own business daily by subscribing to his content. His powerful content campaigns that brands are using to engage active, enthusiastic users have helped me to engage and can do the same for your business.

Engage with Mike TODAY, your business needs his understanding of valuable content that can help you grow your social media presences.

Mike Allton from The Social Media Hat has been doing a great job for us. He has been a pleasure to work with and has shown exceptional knowledge and initiative while working to improve our website and internet presence with SEO, a backlink campaign, social media marketing and classified ads. He's also been responsible for keeping our website updated, posting and sharing new blog posts, and monitoring our social networks. I highly recommend Mike to any business wanting to take advantage of all the internet has to offer!

Mike is THE person to follow for advice and tips on Social Media. He consistently brings posts that expertly, yet simply, explain the newest products, launches, and innovations in Social Media.

I started following Mike on Twitter in early 2012. I was in the beginning stages of understanding social media from a business perspective and Mike offered valuable information in his Tweets that helped point me in the right direction.

When it came time for me to become more actively involved in a social media campaign, I hired Mike to assist me with building a Internet presence for the company that I work for, MedCap Advisors.

Over the past few months of working with him I have become well-versed in how social media can work and all the benefits that a company can get from investing in the right people to help. Mike is knowledgeable, easy to work with, and a great teacher.

He has increased the company's overall web presence, educated me on the newest social media platforms, and help restructure the company's focus to drive the brand.

I feel that it is very important that a company invest in building their social media presence. If this is something that you are interested in, Mike is one of the most qualified people to assist you with this and I highly recommend Mike at The Social Media Hat as an Internet Marketing Consultant.