Dagmar Gatell, SEO Expert & Elite Business Strategist

"Mike Allton is one of most professional, caring and kind high-end social media and blogging experts I know. His own social media and blog post content has awesome value I already learned a lot from before our coaching session. In the coaching session, Mike helped me to create a unique and customized social media and blogging strategy for my business that I cannot wait to implement. His knowledge on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is amazing. But it doesn't stop here. He also recommended from his own experience and online success when you need to post personally, when it is OK to create an automated post, what social media automation tools he uses and how. At the end, Mike shared highly valuable tips to gain the most out of my blogging and social media activity, for my followers and for my business. I would highly recommend Mike to any business owner who wants to create proven social media and blogging strategy. Thank you so much, Mike!"