Here are some of the great comments our clients have been kind enough to share regarding the help we've provided with their website, blogging, social media, SEO or Internet marketing in general.

Mike, I downloaded several eBooks from Amazon on LinkedIn over the weekend to help folks in my job transition group. (I moderate, as a volunteer, for Crossroads Career Network at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN). Your "Secrets Revealed" post was outstanding - better than what I downloaded from Amazon. I wanted to thank you for providing this top-notch resource, for free, for those who are in job transition and wanting to use LinkedIn as a networking tool. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

"Mike is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of social media marketing. I've consulted with him a number of times over the past year to help improve my skills relating to marketing my own business as well as my clients' businesses. He's extremely generous with his time and expertise."

"Mike Allton is one of most professional, caring and kind high-end social media and blogging experts I know. His own social media and blog post content has awesome value I already learned a lot from before our coaching session. In the coaching session, Mike helped me to create a unique and customized social media and blogging strategy for my business that I cannot wait to implement. His knowledge on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is amazing. But it doesn't stop here. He also recommended from his own experience and online success when you need to post personally, when it is OK to create an automated post, what social media automation tools he uses and how. At the end, Mike shared highly valuable tips to gain the most out of my blogging and social media activity, for my followers and for my business. I would highly recommend Mike to any business owner who wants to create proven social media and blogging strategy. Thank you so much, Mike!"

Mike Allton is a terrific social media coach. I contacted him for a consultation on how to best use my existing social media and to implement some changes. He was both personable and professional.

Mike is highly knowledgeable (and an active user) of most social media platforms and is a recognized authority on Google+. His track record, followers and communities are proof positive that Mike knows what he is doing. 

I was given some excellent strategies to try as well as some positive feedback for what I was already doing. 

I would highly recommend Mike for any type of consulting and marketing position. In fact, I did do that for a company which I am associated with and Mike is now developing new social media strategies and helping place the company in a positive growth position with new developments and products. 

"I hired Mike to help me with various aspects of my internet presence, including social media, SEO, and the design of my new website. 

Mike has always been very professional and strives to understand exactly what is needed and wanted. This is probably one of the most important attributes of a service provider. Too often have I encountered professionals who were unwilling to listen and tried to enforce their product upon me. 

Not with Mike :) He has always listened very carefully to make sure that he delivered exactly what I needed and wanted. This makes my life so much easier. In addition, Mike always stays calm and tries to rationally address any obstacle that has to be overcome. 

I can recommend Mike wholeheartedly to anyone who needs help in social media and internet marketing." 

"I met Mike this year and as a business owner of 15 years I was happy to deal with a person like Mike even though I have only really met him via social media and phone calls, never in person.

The reasons I was pleased are all the usual reasons we all like to deal with individuals that work well with others, knows their stuff, is trustworthy and reliable etc. Mike is all those things and much more. I take business serious, sometimes too serious, and I think the business world has no room for Entrepreneurs that can't deliver and perform on their advertised expertise. Mike is one of the top 1% and adds value to business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone, private or public."

"Mike was wonderful to work with. He offered invaluable advice, and his knowledge of the subject-matter was extensive and detailed. Mike is also incredibly friendly, explains things very clearly, is generous with this time, and is just a pleasure to deal with."

"I first hired Mike for help with an e:commerce site I own. He was so knowledgable, so helpful, and so easy to work with ... that I have since hired him for other projects. One working with a very high profile Hollywood producer. Again, his personal and personable touch has made him a pleasure to work with, and he gets the results we hoped for."

"Mike has a detailed knowledge of social media and the business tools related to using it effectively. He has a particularly good knowledge of Hootsuite, the world's leading social media management platform. He is the author of The Unofficial Book On Hootsuite. Mike is also in the leadership team for Plus Your Business, A Google+ Consultancy Business. He is also the proprietor of http://www.thesocialmediahat.com/ which advises clients on social media, where I was his client. I was particularly happy with his services and have no hesitation in recommending his services. I recommend that you visit his website and follow him on social media as he is clearly a thought leader."

"Mike was very helpful in getting me comfortable with using Google+ for my business. After our consult, I felt that I knew my way around and was grounded om how to use the social media to best promote my business. Mike is very easy to work with and knowledgeable. It has also been very helpful to be able to email him from time to time with questions."