Make Your Blog Come Alive with the Help of Emotions

Make Your Blog Come Alive with the Help of Emotions

The internet has many facets, but one of its most popular ones is without a doubt blogging. People blog for many reasons, but no matter the motivation, one should be passionately interested in what he or she is creating. There is an over-saturation of information on the worldwide web, and there is simply not enough time for readers to process everything.

Creative Prompting for Easier Writing

Creative Prompting for Easier Writing

Writing is not an easy task, especially if you're one of those bloggers who constantly need to be “inspired” in order to be able to write. This can work against your career if you're near your deadline and there's no time to wait for your “inspiration” to come to you on its own.

In this case, it might be better to do your own motivational steps to bring your muse to the fore – a process in writing loosely called “prompting.”


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