5 Conversion Tips to Increase your Website Sales

5 Conversion Tips to Increase your website sales

My business partner and I launched our website TreatmentSaver 5 years ago with no real understanding of how to make money online. I am an Optometrist and my partner is a medical doctor so as you can imagine our prior training didn't exactly help us prepare for what we would encounter running a web business! Our medical backgrounds were however the inspiration behind the idea for our site, as we realized that there were very few comparison websites for clinics.

Most Popular Drupal Websites

Most Popular Drupal Websites

Drupal is a Content Management System that powers some of the world's largest and most popular websites. When speaking with clients about getting a new website, I often cite some of these as examples of just how powerful and flexible Drupal can be, and you may be surprised at some of the sites on this list!

How to Start Your Website Construction Project

How to Start Your Website Construction Project

So, you've decided to have a professional website designed. That's great! There's no better way to educate other people on everything you have to offer, be it products, services, or something else entirely. You've made the decision to get online, and you've found someone to help you with the technical aspects of creating a website. Now what?

GoDaddy Outage Affected Millions

GoDaddy, one of the largest domain name registration and website hosting compani

GoDaddy, one of the largest domain name registration and website hosting companies in the world experienced an outage that affected millions.

Starting around 1pm EST, GoDaddy customers began experiencing issues. However, the issues have not been limited to just web hosting customers. Some of our own web clients have reported an inability to access email or their website even though neither are hosted with GoDaddy. Their domain, however, is registered with GoDaddy and is unable to resolve to their correct email and web servers. Domain resolving is when you attempt to access a website on your computer and your internet service provider (ISP) attempts to "resolve" the domain by contacting the domains registrar company and finding out where that domains servers are located. Every ISP stores that information locally and regularly updates that information, so some clients may be able to access your site or email even if you can't (assuming it is not hosted with GoDaddy).


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