Triberr Continues to put Authors First

Have you ever read an article on a website that you enjoyed so much, you wanted to share it with all your Twitter followers? So you click the ever-present Tweet button and a window pops up with the title and link to the post set up for you. But sometimes, there's also a Twitter handle included. It's usually something like, "via @SocialMediaHats." That's something that the site owners set up to encourage tweets to include a mention of the article's author.

Going Quiet on Social Media in the wake of tragedy

This is a post I have been holding off on writing for a while. You see, back in April, my daughter's great grandmother passed away. Tai Ma, as she called her in Cantonese, was 85 and had been in failing health for years. My wife and I thought we were blessed when Grandma was able to attend our wedding in 2010. And then a year later, when our daughter Cadence was born, words could not describe the joy that my little girl brought this lady who had worked so hard all her life.