16 Tools That Maximize Productivity and Help Marketers Get More Done

Many website studies report as much as half of our marketing time is spent in email. Others put it at a much higher percentage. As far as the rest of the day goes, one batch of studies have marketers working more than 12 hours a day while only accomplishing 6 hours' worth of real down in the trenches work. I would quote sources but the search for this information provided so many of them that I would not even know where to begin. Besides, if you are a marketer, you already knew this information.

Want To Manage Your Online Reputation? These 5 Tools Can Help

We live in a world where information and content is king. Personally, I am an information addict - I want to always be up to date on my favorite topics. With billions of people using the Internet, along with millions of blog posts, pictures, articles and other content being published daily, have you ever actually stopped to consider your online reputation? If you have, good for you! For those of you that haven't, I can relate. When I was in college, I never considered my online reputation. Why would I?