Social Media Measurement

The Inside Scoop on Klout Score

Klout, the online measurement of your social influence, attempts to analyze and aggregate activity from your social networks to determine how much influence you actually have in social media, and provide you with a Klout Score that may fluctuate daily. How accurate Klout is can be debated, but business owners and people who wish to be influential online can no longer disregard metrics like Klout Score. 

Social Media Demographics [INFOGRAPHS]

Social Media Demographics [INFOGRAPHS]

Businesses who want to use their website and social media to reach out to and engage their customers need to understand the demographics behind today's social media networks. If you are targeting a younger audience, sites like should be a larger part of your social media marketing campaign than more professional platforms like The following infographs may help clarify for you who is using which social media platforms and where your marketing efforts need to be. Click any infograph to open a larger version in a lightbox which can be enlarged.


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