Social Media Marketing

Finding Social Media's Place In The Marketing Universe

How does social media integrate into our overall marketing plan and strategy? To answer that, we will first explore all of the different ways in which businesses can effectively use social media to promote and grow their business. We'll then be in a better position to determine social media's place in the marketing universe.

Why Real Estate Agents Should Have Community Pages and How to Promote Them

What Are Real Estate Community Pages?

The first thought that may come to mind when reading the title of this article is what the heck is a Real Estate community page. Simply stated a Real Estate community page is a dedicated place on a website where an individual can go to learn more about a particular city or town. These city pages should be jam packed with information and data that explains all about the town.

How to Integrate Your MailChimp Email Campaigns with HootSuite

The basic tenets of inbound marketing are that you will create content on your website, share it to social networks to drive traffic, and then collect email addresses of interested visitors to be used for email marketing. You can then regularly reach out to your followers and subscribers and create opportunities for both engagement and sales.