Social Media Management

Give Your Business the Gift of Social Media Consulting for Christmas

Sound corny? Maybe. But the offer is genuine. To kick off Cyber Monday and to celebrate the Christmas Season, I’m offering interested business owners a number of great deals to help them give their own business the perfect gift this year. And they all include Free Shipping! :)

These are my three most popular services, so I will explain each, including my normal rate and the Christmas sale price. 

HootSuite Adds 6 Apps for Analytics and Social Engagement

One of the more powerful aspects of HootSuite, that we'll be discussing in more detail in a future article, is the App Library. Working with third-party partners like YouTube or Tumblr, HootSuite allows members to install available apps and bring additional levels of fucntionality and analytics to their HootSuite platform.

Buffer Adds Custom Social Media Scheduling

Buffer started as a tool to help your create preset times when you wanted to share to your social media accounts, allowing you to think about "buffering" the articles and links that you found, rather than "scheduling" them. You could simply add a link to your buffer and know that it would be shared at the next available timeslot. But what about links and posts that you wanted to go out a specific time? For that, you'd need a different tool. Until now.

5 Reasons to use HootSuite for Social Media Management

Social media has grown from a curiosity to an integral piece of corporate strategy in the space of only a few years. Nearly overnight, companies have brought on whole teams of specialists to craft effective social media strategies and manage multiplying numbers of social media accounts. Companies are hungry for better social media tools to engage their constituents.