Kids’ Cyber Safety: Guidelines for Parents

Most parents are not very educated when it comes to new technologies, internet use or social networks, which can often be a problem when it comes to your children’s safety online. It’s understandable that you should trust your kids in most situations, but unconditional trust that they will always do the right thing without you guiding or monitoring them, can put your kids in danger in both real and online world.

HootSuite Reports Account Hack Attempts, Takes Steps

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed something odd. I use HootSuite not only for myself, but for many of my social media marketing clients, and am often logged into multiple HootSuite accounts using several different web browsers. When switching back and forth between accounts to post updates and monitor activity, I kept having to log back in.

Why getting online at your local coffee shop may not be safe.

If you're like me, whenever you're at a coffee shop, or anyplace else that offers free WiFi, you probably take advantage of that and connect your phone. While the free WiFi isn't always faster than my 4G cell phone service, connecting to WiFi makes sure I don't impact my cell phone plan's data quota, and some apps and downloads will only work on WiFi. So what's the problem?