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7 Ways to Run an Unsuccessful Mobile Email Campaign [INFOGRAPH]

Are you tired of people telling you about how great mobile marketing is? Maybe you set up an email campaign and optimized it (sort of), but the return on investment was abysmal. Or perhaps you’re still holding out because you’re afraid of taking a wrong step with mobile and wasting money. Whatever your story is, Reachmail’s new infographic can help – by telling you all of the different ways that businesses really put their foot in it when creating mobile email campaigns.

The Art of QR Codes

The Art of QR Codes

If you aren't familiar with QR Codes, they're the square black and white abstract-looking images that you'll sometimes see on posters, ads and flyers. Using any one of the many scanning apps available, you can use your smartphone to scan the code. Once scanned, the "quick response barcode" will trigger the browser on your device to open a specific link programmed into the QR Code.

What does it take to successfully integrate mobile marketing with your existing social media plan?

What does it take to successfully integrate mobile marketing with your existing

That's a great question that was recently asked within the Strategic Social Networking community on Google+. To answer a question like this, we're going to need to delve a bit into what, exactly, mobile marketing is, and then see how that can play nicely with whatever you're doing (or not yet doing) on social networks.


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