Lists Unveils Smart Twitter List Management Tool

How long have you been using Twitter? Years? If you’re at all active like me, you’ve probably followed quite a few people. The problem with Twitter, of course, is that once you’ve followed, oh, say, 100 or more people, the Home stream becomes so active as to be completely useless. And if you’ve ever used a follow-first method to gain more followers, it’s even worse.

Do you even look at your Home stream anymore?

Taking Out the Twitter Trash: The How and Why of Unfollowing

How many people are you following on Twitter? If it's more than a hundred, I bet your Home stream is crazy like mine. I don't even look at my Home stream anymore. I have no choice but to use Lists to segregate the people I'm interested in listening to and tweeting with, and if you're not in one of my Lists, I will likely never see your tweets.