Did your Klout score go up recently? Thank Instagram and Bing.

I keep an eye on my Klout score and watch for major shifts in score, one way or the other. They can sometimes indicate that I'm neglecting a network, or perhaps some of my recent activity is being better received. I recently noticed a 4 point uptick in my score and that is definitely out of the ordinary.

LinkedIn Takes a Page from Klout

If you have a Klout account, you know that each day you are given a set number of K's which you can use to indicate topics other users are influential in. The giving and receiving of K's is an activity that generates a lot of user activity and keeps Klout users coming back daily. Now, LinkedIn is doing something along the same lines.

Klout Revises Metrics

Klout, the Social Measurement service, has revised their algorithms again. In the past, this has resulting in widespread confusion and often disdain for the service. Klout purports to analyze a user's social activity and correlate that into a score that can then be compared with other Klout users. Changes to the algorthm have previously resulting in huge changes in a user's score, leaving one to wonder whether or not the score is, or was, accurate at all.

This time, however, things are a little different.