Twitter for iPad Rebooted

Twitter for iPad Rebooted

Twitter for iPad got an all new app today. According to the update, there are new profiles with header photos, photo streams on profiles and events, along with other improvements, polishes and fixes.

This reflects corresponding changes to Twitter in general allowing users to do more with images. At the same time, Twitter has also announced that it will no longer support third-party image hosts like Twitpic or yfrog. Users will have to use Twitter's native photo service.

Google Chrome for iOS adds Google+ Sharing

Google Chrome for iOS adds Google+ Sharing

Have you tried Google Chrome on your iPhone yet? As part of the ongoing "war" between Google and Apple, Google recently released Chrome for iOS. Today, the first update to the app was released and the featured update was the addition of Share to Google+.

We've all been familiar with Safari's share options. When viewing a website in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you can opt to share that site via email. As of the last iOS update Twitter support was added. Now, if you're using Chrome for iOS you can share easily to email and Twitter as well as Facebook and Google+.


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