Influencer Marketing

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From Social Influencer Marketing

While some small businesses are still scared to try influencer marketing, there are plenty that are using it to sell their products. Businesses hesitate because they think influencer programs are expensive. There are several other myths associated with influencer marketing that keep away small businesses.

Blogging for Business: What's Important in 2014

It’s 2014. Is your business’ blog older and wiser? Did you learn from your mistakes in 2013? What are you going to focus on in 2014 to make your business’ blog as effective and awesome as it can be?

This article will give you the four lessons that I took from 2013, and I feel are the most important for a new start to the new year.

I’ll discuss:

How to Identify Newsjacking Sources For Blogging Success and Building Authority

Imagine for a moment that you've published a new blog post this morning. The post details some breaking news that is going to have a dramatic impact on your business and industry. While discussing the story, you work in some additional background information about your industry and how you see this event impacting other people and businesses.