Pinterest for Business: Why a Pin is Worth your Time this Holiday Season

It seems, very suddenly, that the Holidays are just around the corner. Has this caught anybody else slightly off-guard?

Have you started ramping up your social media efforts for the holiday season? Have you slapped a few snowmen on your homepage and started pushing stocking-stuffers on Facebook?

Enjoy the Holidays with this Eggnog Recipe

Eggnog (sometimes Egg Nog) is a traditional element of the Christmas Season. The exact origins of eggnog are unknown, but by the 1600's it was popular in Europe and England, where the aristocracy would drink the sweet, creamy mixture with Brandy or Wine. Due to the taxes on imports, American Colonists turned to Rum from the Caribbean. When the American Revolutionary War disrupted all coastal activity, domestic whiskey and bourbon was substituted, resulting in the recipes and varieties we all enjoy today.