Does anyone still use the Messages app? Facebook and Google+ both offer alternatives.

Facebook has released an update for their Messenger app, the stand-alone app that makes chatting with your Facebook friends more convenient. The updated app sports a fresh design that's in line with the new iOS7 look and feel, but it also adds the ability to message anyone who has text messaging. You can access your contacts and message them, or tap in a phone number and send that person a text message as well.

Does this sound familiar?

Google+ Improves Hangouts, Images and Movies and makes them Awesome!

Google welcomed us into a converted warehouse this morning for coffee, where beautiful photography was on display, and was the focus of a series of announcements. Over the past two years, Google+ has seen tremendous growth, now boasting over 540 million acive users (within the past 30 days), and over 1.5 billion photos uploaded each week. As they have throughout these two years, Google continues to implement improvements and new features for the Google+ platform to make it an easier, richer experience for all users.

Google Turns Hangouts into Complete Communication Tool

Google added some really interesting capabilities to the Hangouts app over the weekend. With the update, Hangout users can use the app to call any phone number within the US or Canada for free with their iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch (and with Android devices, thanks to a previous update). They can also receive calls using their Google Voice number.

Google Hangouts Powering the Future of Conferences: #TFT13

Have you ever been to conference? if not, you're really missing out, and should find one for your industry right away. Conferences provide attendees with access to some of the brightest minds and influencers for that industry, and give you an opportunity to reenergize yourself in ways that you cannot possibly do on your own.