Google+ Communities

A Google+ Community for St. Louis

Google+ Communities have been created for quite a few topics, with more being launched every day. One area that is still lagging though is virtual regional communities. As a St. Louis business owner, one of the first things I did when I started to join communities was to look for a St. Louis community. Initially there were only one or two of course, and since then a few more have popped up. Very few though are active, and the ones that are aren't focused on business. So, I have created a new community just for St.

How to make Google+ your favorite Social Network

If you aren't yet using Google+, or aren't logging in regularly, the social network may seem a bit intimidating. It's different from Facebook in a lot of ways, and there are a number of features and nuances that may not be obvious how to use or what you're supposed to do. These are perfectly understandable stumbling blocks to using and getting value out of Google+.

Google+ Pages get loud

"What? What's that you say? I'm sorry, I can't hear you." That may have been what Google+ users were saying before, but not now. When Google allowed businesses to create business profiles on their shiny new social network, called Google+ Pages, business owners and marketers were excited to get started and many jumped at the chance.