Facebook Advertising

Unveil the Power of Facebook's Audience Insight

Are you not able to target your audiences and see what matters to them? All you need is the right tool to get an insight about your audience’s location, their interests and behaviours. And Facebook has really tried hard to accomplish your goal. Recently it has launched “Facebook Audience Insight’ to let advertisers gather customer insights about their target audiences.

Why You Should Opt Out of Facebook Advertising

Do you have a Facebook Page for your business? If you do, you’re probably aware that Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to limit who sees your posts. So even though you may have 1000 people who have liked your brand Page, only a fraction will be shown your latest post.

But now, that reach is getting even worse.

Facebook has admitted that organic reach for Business Pages is declining. And instead of helping businesses to reach more fans organically, is urging businesses to pay for ads.

How to Advertise on Facebook (as of today)

If you've seen "Social Network" then you know that from the beginning, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg resisted incorporating advertising within the fledgling social media platform. He preferred to grow the network and make it an integral part of people's lives, and figure out how to make it profitable later on. While Facebook did, ultimately, begin to offer businesses advertising opportunities, the network continues to explore and revise what those advertising options actually are.