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Make Your Blog Come Alive with the Help of Emotions

The internet has many facets, but one of its most popular ones is without a doubt blogging. People blog for many reasons, but no matter the motivation, one should be passionately interested in what he or she is creating. There is an over-saturation of information on the worldwide web, and there is simply not enough time for readers to process everything.

Tell your business story, one blog at a time

Since pre-historical times, people have been using the art of storytelling to communicate. Cavemen drew pictures on cave walls depicting great hunts and deeds. As language developed, oral tradition started, where people would tell and retell the same stories over and over again to communicate their history and values. And then to help our forgetful minds, we found ways to preserve these stories on stone, paper and eventually electronically.

The Importance of Ignoring Your Publishing Schedule

One of the more challenging topics that I often discuss with clients is the concept of having an editorial calendar or publishing schedule. The idea is that you know in advance on a particular day, week or month what topic or topics you're going to be talking about through your online platform, including your business blog.

They're just words. Edit your blog posts ruthlessly.

It's tough when you're writing a blog post and you've been working on it a long time, and you suddenly realize that what you've been writing is garbage. Maybe it's not the whole post. Maybe it's just a paragraph or two. But it stinks. What do you do? Do you leave it in and hope no one else notices? Do you try to massage the words a bit? Do you forget the entire article and go watch a movie instead?