Stadia Studio offers customer support to all current clients.

Stadia Studio Services

Assistance with any Stadia Studio service (i.e. web hosting), is provided at no charge.

Stadia Studio Projects

Support is available for all sites created by Stadia Studio. Whether or not there is a charge is determined in a case-by-case basis, and is simply dependant upon what the issue is and why it occurred.

Third-Party Services

Assistance with a Third-Party Service (i.e. hosting through a different vendor), is provided at our regular hourly rate.

Third-Party Projects

Support for a third-party website may be available. Please contact us for more information.

Internet Consulting

Internet Consulting may include questions on internet marketing, search engines, effective use of your new website, etc. As with maintenance, there is no charge for consulting that last less than 10 minutes. For consulting sessions lasting 15 minutes or more, our hourly rate applies. This includes phone conversations, email, instant message or other forms of communication.

Training & Documentation

Stadia Studio will happily provide additional training and documentation for those aspects of your new website that the site owner must understand and be able to manage themselves. If this document and all supplemental materials are not sufficient, screenshots and/or a conference call can be arranged.

Onsite or more extensive training may be available for an additional fee.

Training on more advanced, optional, aspects of your site and the CMS may be available for an additional fee.