A St. Louis Internet Marketing Company

The Social Media Hat is a St. Louis Internet Marketing Company. Mike Allton, The Social Media Hat's owner, lives in the Saint Charles, MO area between the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Additional resources and designers work remotely in the Saint Louis, MO area. We have been providing professional social media consulting and internet marketing services to businesses and entrepeneurs in St. Louis and Missouri since 2007.

Being a St. Louis Internet Marketing Company means a number of things...

St. Louis Understanding

First, The Social Media Hat is able to provide St Louis area businesses with a greater level of understanding and familiarity with their market and target audience. The St Louis and St Charles area presents unique challenges and opportunities to local businesses, and having a marketing company that can help navigate these challenges like a riverboat down the Mississippi is invaluable. Every city and geographic region has their own set of advertising opportunities, and the Greater St. Louis Area is no different.

St. Louis Values

Second, as a St. Louis Internet Marketing Company, we provide businesses throughout the country with strong, Midwest values like the importance of working hard, the need for clear communication, and a healthy dose of good business sense. Even during a down economy, we have been surrounded by businesses and corporations in St Louis and throughout Missouri that are succeeding, and we allow these successful organizations to serve as inspiration and mentors for our own success and longevity. 

St. Louis Centrality

The Social Media Hat is a St. Louis Internet Marketing CompanyBecause we're based in St Louis, we're just one hour behind our East coast customers, and just two hours ahead of our West coast customers.This makes it even easier for us to ensure that we're able to provide outstanding service and availability during socia media and content marketing projects. We are also able to respond quickly to the kinds of sudden firestorms which can erupt on social networks.

St. Louis Spirit

St. Louis is famous for Cardinals Baseball, the Arch, award-winning BBQ ribs and Charles Limburgh's historic flight on the Spirit of Saint Louis. This sense of adventure and drive for achievement is translated into our marketing campaigns and social media training. We strive to provide our clients with unique and creative marketing initiatives, and Internet strategies that are developed to be extremely effective.

The Social Media Hat is a St. Louis Internet Marketing Company

The Social Media Hat will happily provide social media consulting, search engine optimization, blog coaching and marketing services to any business or organization, anywhere. We do, however, take particular pride in being able to assist our St. Louis, St. Charles and Missouri/Illinois neighbors with their social media and internet needs. If you have a question or need help, please contact us.

The Social Media Hat, A St. Louis Internet Marketing Company
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