Social Networking Accounts

We recommend that every business utilize a Facebook and Twitter account. Other social networking platforms that might be appropriate include LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr or MySpace.

The purpose os providing these links is that we can program sitewide buttons that visitors can use to go to your Facebook or Twitter page and "follow you." If you're not sure why or how you should be using these services, you're advised to read through some of our Blog entries at

Each account link that you choose to provide should be the complete link that someone other than yourself can use to get your page (i.e.

Do not provide links to your personal accounts unless those are the accounts that you wish to have linked on your new website.

If you don't have your business accounts ready to go immediately, that's OK. Simply indicate the platforms you plan to use (i.e. Twitter and LinkedIn), and then proceed to create the accounts and forward the links when they're ready. As long as we know for sure what you intend to use, we don't need the actual links until much, much later in the development process.


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