Your new website has been built with the most recent, most secure version of Drupal available at the time of development. We choose to use Drupal for most installations because it is an extremely secure and robust system. As long as you keep your account information secure, you will not likely have any issues.

While there are regular updates to Drupal available, they will not be automatically applied unless you choose to have us do that for you as part of a maintenance program. The site can be configured to automatically alert you or Stadia Studio whenever new updates are available.

Your new site is comprised of physical files and folders on your hosting account, as well as a MySQL database. Your hosting vendor will provide automated, regular backups of both. However, we certainly recommend that clients maintain their own copy of their sites, and documentation on how to obtain that copy can be provided upon request. You will need access to your hosting Control Panel as well as FTP access and FTP software.