Search Engine Optimization

The Social Media Hat can provide complete Search Engine Optimization services. Professional SEO can and should include a number of factors, such as:

  • Targeted Keyword Analysis
  • Website back-end programming for Meta Tags and other SEO techniques
  • Website front-end editing for content enhancement
  • Link Building
  • XML Sitemap creation
  • Search Engine Submission

Preparing your website for search engines is a key aspect of any successful Internet marketing plan. Once the above tasks have been completed, Ongoing SEO is accomplished through Content Marketing and regular analysis of website traffic statistics which should lead to adjustments in targeted keyword and on-page SEO as needed.

SEO can be extremely complicated, expensive and time-consuming - but it doesn't have to be! Contact The Social Media Hat for a free SEO consultation. We'll evaluate your website, your goals, and provide a comprehensive recommendation. 


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