The Social Media Hat sincerely appreciates your willingness to recommend us to someone that you know. We realize that by doing so, you're putting your reputation on the line with your support, and we will not let you down.

To show our appreciation, any client that recommends us with the result of a new paying client, will receive credit toward future consulting or maintenance on their own projects.


If you would be willing to email us a brief testimonial about our service to you, for publishing on our website, you will receive credit for two (2) hours of future consulting or maintenance on your project.


If you are called by someone and provide a positive reference for us, regardless of whether or not they become a client, you will receive one (1) hour of complimentary maintenance or consulting.

We firmly believe in the power of networking and the importance of positive referrals. Whenever possible, we will promote and refer our clients and acquaintances to your business, and we appreciate your willingness to do the same.