Product Information

Every product in your new site requires a Product Name, Sell Price and SKU.

Optional values include: Description, Image(s), Cost, List Price and Inventory.

If an item is shippable, then we also need to indicate the weight and shipping dimensions of the product in order to automatically calculate shipping charges.

If your business requires dramatically different kinds of products (for instance, shippable products as well as online subscriptions), we will set up completely different classes and content types for the products so that the site can treat them differently.

With most projects, we ask that our clients provide required information for two to three products for each category that they've defined. Categories will not be displayed if they're empty, and we want to be able to demonstrate how multiple products on a page will look.

For businesses that have 100+ products, if they can be provided as an Excel file, they can be imported in bulk. Some aspects, like images, will need to be added individually, but the imoprt will certainly save a lot of time.

The following pages will go into more detail regarding the above options and requirements.