Product Data

Depending on your products and your choices with regard to shipping, inventory and attributes, the following Product Fields may be needed:

TitleThis is the name of the product. Every product MUST have a Title.
DescriptionThis is optional text which is displayed on the individual product page.
CategoryThe top-level category for a product.
SubcategoryThe second-level category for a product. An additional column must be added for every additional tier of categories so that every product is exactly defined.
SKUA unique identification number for the product. This is a required field, though we can set a default or automatically generate a SKU if needed.
List PriceThis is the MSRP or regular price for a product, and is optional.
CostThis is your cost for a product. This is optional, but recommended, since the site will generate reports on actual revenue for you.
Sell PriceThis is the actual selling price of the product and is required.
ShippableWhether or not the product is shippable.
WeightWeight of the product and it's container. This is required for all shippable products.
UnitPounds, Kilograms, Ounces or Grams
LengthLength of the product's container. This is required for all shippable products.
WidthWidth of the product's container. This is required for all shippable products.
HeightHeight of the product's container. This is required for all shippable products.
UnitInches, Feet, Centimeters or Millimeters
Package QtyAt most, how many of these items can fit in your largest box? Orders that exceed this value will be split into multiple packages when retrieving shipping quotes.
Default Add to CartDefault Quantity to Add to Cart. Use 0 to disable the quantity field next to the add to cart button.
Package TypeDifferent fulfilment centers use different package types, like "UPS Letter." The correct package type should be defined for each product.
OptionsProducts may have attributes, like "Size" and then options, like "Small, Medium, Large." Each set of Attributes and available Options must be defined, with one column for each Attribute.
StockIf you wish to maintain product inventory, you must specify the initial amount of each product in stock.
Custom FieldsWe can add as many additional fields as needed for your products, like "UPC" or "Author." If the custom field should be or do anything other than plain text, please let us now beforehand.