Photos and Photo Galleries

If requested, your website may include the ability to upload photographs and to assign them to photo galleries. This will give you a new content type called ‘Image’ as well as several additional configuration options. Unlike inserting images into content, this allows you to create an image on the site that is its own node, with its own Title and optional Description.

There is no limit to the number of photographs you can upload to your new website. The only constraint is that your hosting account has a limited amount of space associated with it, so the more images and other files you upload, the more space you may need to purchase.

There are two size constraints. The first is found within the CMS settings and can be adjusted, with different settings available per role. The second is found within the server's php settings, and may not be adjusted depending on the hosting vendor.

For these reasons, and for good overall site performance and visitor experience, we recommend that any uploaded images be cropped to a roughly 500 x 500 dimension. This will ensure that the image is a good viewing size, as well as reduced in file size sufficiently.

To upload new Gallery Images, one at a time:

  • Go to Content Management -> Create Content -> Image
  • Type in a Title (this will be displayed within the photo gallery)
  • Upload your image using the Image field.
  • Images will automatically be resized into Thumbnail and Preview sizes. However, we recommend not uploading an image with a default size larger than 500x500 that way if someone wants to view it ‘full size’ it’s still ‘within’ your website and doesn’t break the layout.
  • Type in an optional description which will be visible on image page.
  • Click on Save

To upload new Gallery Images, multiple images:

  • Using an FTP program like Cute FTP, log in to your website
  • Open public_html folder
  • Open tmp folder
  • Open image folder
  • Upload all images for a specific gallery here (can only import into one gallery at a time)
  • Once all files are uploaded, go to Content Management -> Image import
  • Select images to be imported (if more than 20 have been uploaded, select 20 at a time)
  • Type in a meaningful title for each image and an optional description (body)
  • Select the Photo Gallery you want to add the images to
  • Click on Import
  • Once completed, go to your gallery to view

To add a new Gallery:

  • Go to Content Management -> Image galleries -> Add gallery
  • Type in a Name for the gallery. Leave the description blank.
  • Under Parent, choose the gallery under which you want this gallery to be found
  • Leave weight 0 to have galleries listed alphabetically. Adjust to a higher or lower number if you want to rearrange gallery order.
  • Click on Submit.

To edit an Image:

  • One way is to go to Content Management -> Content and find it in the list. The other is to navigate to the photo gallery and then click on the title of the Image.
  • Click on the Edit tab
  • Edit your Title or Description as needed
  • Click on Submit