Outline of Pages

Most site outlines are just a simple listing of the various pages and sections that you think you're going to want in your new site. Because we allow our clients to have an unlimited number of pages, the project scope may not have enumerated each and every page that you want, so we'll need a list. A simple example might look like:


  • About
    • Company History
    • Our Team
  • Services
    • Service One
    • Service Two
    • Service Three
  • Testimonials
  • Case Studies
    • Industry One
    • Industry Two
  • Gallery
  • FAQ
  • Glossary
  • Contact

If you have a lot of pages and want to break them up into different menus and sections, you can. However, that's also an area where we're happy to advise so do not feel as though you need to organize your list.

The site outline is also not written in stone. We can make adjustments and move things around during development. We simply want a place to start.