Triberr Seeks to Predict Social Signals On Your Content

Triberr Seeks to Predict Social Signals On Your Content

Triberr is one of my most valuable tools in my blogging toolkit. Each time I publish a new blog post, I use Triberr to help get that post in front of dozens, even hundreds, of other bloggers in my niche. When Triberr surfaces that content, those bloggers have an opportunity to check it out and share it, resulting in my post reaching their followers.

But how do I know if that's going to be enough? How can I tell if a particular blog post is going to resonate or not? I can't, of course. All I have to go on is my past experience with different blog posts and topics, and my inherently flawed perception of what my colleagues and readers are interested in.

That's what Triberr is attempting to correct.

When Triberr Founder and CEO Dino Dogan mentioned a couple weeks ago that they had some exciting news coming up, I said I'd be thrilled to cover it. He shared the news with me over the weekend and we chatted over Skype, and I was thoroughly impressed.

Today, Triberr is announcing the acquisition of Scoutle. Scoutle is a Content Virality Prediction Engine. In other words, based on a complex algorithm and extensive indicators, Scoutle will analyze a particular piece of content and predict, with a fair degree of accuracy, just how much that particular article is likely to be tweeted, shared, linked and so on.

For instance, Scoutle might look at the length of your post and consider the time spent reading an article. The time someone is willing to invest in reading a particular piece of content is a far stronger indicator of interest than, say, a Like, which is why Social Signals play no role in the prediction engine.

But interestingly, the point here isn't to burst your bubble before your post even gets started. Rather, the idea is to give you an opportunity to take some extra steps in promoting and distributing that content that you might not have otherwise.

And no, we won't be creating a space-time continuum paradox. If you take those extra steps and get more exposure for your content, Triberr and their new prediction engine will happily be in error in their initial prediction, and will continue to learn about you and your content and your audience.

With this level of analysis and insight, bloggers and businesses will begin to gain a greater appreciation for not just what their most active and vocal fans appreciate, but also perhaps some of the lurkers and quiet fans like. Dino said that, "The implications of this technology are staggering. Once it's widely adopted, we will know what the remaining 99% of us thinks. We're finally going to learn what kind of content the introverts like. The anti-social ones. The ones who liked an article but didn't want to share it for reasons known only to them. We're finally going to be able to break out of the action-signal filter bubble."

And similarly, as bloggers continue to use Triberr and this prediction engine, "brands can get insight into how well a particular writer tends to influence, and thereby encourage them to create a relationship with that blogger," said Dino.

This news comes at a time when Triberr is already hard at work developing the next iteration of their platform. Dino shared with me a sneak peak at what's coming, and I was impressed. These new ways to evaluate content are being paired with new ways to share and promote and distribute content, which only strengthen Triberr's role in the blogger's toolbox.

Take this blog post, for instance. As soon as it's published I will head over to Triberr and make sure it's imported. Should I spend the $5 to promote it on Triberr? Should I take some additional steps to get it out there? Steps that might get a specific piece of content in front of new people, people I’m not already connected to within a Tribe. These are incredibly valuable insights that can help determine how a blogger proceeds with individual piece of content.

Triberr expects to release their next version, with Scoutle integration, Summer 2015. For more information on how to get started with Triberr, click here.

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