Tactics to Massively Increase Your Website Traffic with Ana Hoffman and Mike Allton

Tactics to Massively Increase Your Website Traffic with Ana Hoffman and Mike AlltonOn 9/23/13, Mike was invited to participate in a Hangout with Ana Hoffman, from Traffic Generation Cafe, and hosted by Martin Shervington, the Google+ expert from www.martinshervington.com. Over the next 30+ minutes, you'll hear key insights and advice from Mike and Ana on blogging, social media, where businesses should start, and tips on things to avoid.


Ana Hoffman and Traffic Generation Cafe is focused completely on generating more traffic to your website. Most of the tactics she reviews are free.

Mike Allton and The Social Media Hat is an avenue for Mike to talk about and teach businesses how to use social media, blogging and marketing. Most of the content and articles are there to help business owners.

Questions Asked & Answered:

If someone has a website and they don't have the traffic levels they want, what's the first thing you would recommend?

What if it's an industry or subject matter that is dull or boring?

Once you have content, what do you do next?

How would you make a dry topic interesting?

Should you focus on emotional drivers or information drivers in content creation?

How does Google Semantic Search play into content marketing?

How do you think like a customer?

What kinds and types of content should people think about creating?

Why should a business consider using Drupal?

How does a business use Social Media to draw attention to their content?

How do you choose which network or networks to focus on? How many?

Is Social Media a Total Pain in the Neck?

What are tips and tactics for getting started on Google+?

How much time should a business dedicate to Google+, Twitter and Facebook?

Should businesses share information that isn't industry-related?

How can busineses use breaking news and Newsjacking to drive website traffic.

Watch the full hangout above for answers to these questions!


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