The Social Media Hat partners with Practical Social Media University

Help with Social MediaThe Social Media Hat provides daily news stories and articles on content marketing and social media to help businesses realize the potential of online marketing for generating leads and converting leads into sales. The Social Media Hat also provides consulting and training services to businesses that want help with social media. What The Social Media Hat doesn't do is offer formal, online training. Many business owners are interested in going through a structured online webinar or video series to train themselves or their staff in the areas where they need help the most. Therefore, The Social Media Hat is proud to announce their partnership with Practical Social Media University to address that need.

Practical Social Media University is "the place where small business entrepreneurs can get proven social media training classes and full courses to learn how to apply the power of the Internet to grow their business." PSMU offers online training in the following areas:

According to Steve MacDonald, Founder and President of Practical Social Media University, "A successful prospecting strategy always aligns around a strong brand and focused target market niche." To that end, a great deal of their training is focused not just on how to use the tools, but how to used them for branding and prospecting, the two activities that will bring the most value to business owners.

This continues owner Mike Allton's philosophy for The Social Media Hat and how he prefers to help businesses. He said that, "When talking to clients I often say that I can tell you what you need to do, I can tell you what you need to do and how to do it, or I can tell you what you need to do and do it for you. It's up to you." After speaking with a business owner and identifying their goals and progress so far, Mike can now easily direct them to specific training courses online that they can take to further their eduction and technical skills, and better help themselves and their business.

In addition to recommending training, Mike Allton and The Social Media Hat will be participating in live webinars and Google+ Hangouts in partnership with Practical Social Media University as a benefit to students. Participants will be able to attend live events, often for free, and take part in live training and discussion sessions on a variety of topics.

For more information, please contact Mike Allton at The Social Media Hat. To be kept informed of future training specials and live events, please be sure to subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

About The Social Media Hat

The Social Media Hat is first and foremost a resource for small businesses and organizations. The service strives to provide business owners with news and information on Social Media, Blogging, Internet Marketing, SEO, Mobile Apps and Technology to help promote and grow their business. The Social Media Hat is based in St. Louis, MO and serves a Global audience.

About Practical Social Media University

Membership in the university includes online training curriculums, participation in private Facebook groups, how-to articles, ongoing training webinars, Q&A discussions, a full resource library and more. Your membership will position you to take advantage of the incredible opportunities to market your business with greater precision than ever before...all while spending little to no budget.