Pinterest Adds Mobile Mentions and Notifications

Pinterest Adds Mobile Mentions and Notifications

Pinterest has announced an improvement to its suite of mobile apps that includes notifications, mentions, easier search, sending pins and more.

Pinterest Notifications

The Pinterest apps now feature a complete set of notifications, including Push Notifications, for events like Comments and Mentions.

Pinterest Mentions

Following the lead of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more recently LinkedIn, Pinterest will now allow you to mention one of your connections within a pin. Pinterest uses the @ symbol like Twitter and will automatically suggest friends as you begin to type in their name after the @.

Pinterest Search

Search is improved in that it will now autocomplete as you type, as well as display a history of your previous searches, all designed to save you time.

The update states:

 - Send a pin to someone
 - Get push notifications to know when someone comments, likes, or repins your stuff
 - Search... and you shall receive suggestions
 - Invite friends to pin with you on group boards
 - Easily pin from the web
 - Mention your friends in comments

The bottom icons have been changed somewhat. Home is still the first icon, followed by Search and then an option to add a new pin. The next to last icon is for Notifications, followed by your Profile. Notifications settings are handled within your phone's Notifications settings and not within the Pinterest app itself.

For businesses and social media marketers, the Mention and subsequent Notifications improvements are key features. Brands can now pin or repin and tag influencers by mentioning them in the pin description. This is a technique that can be effectively used to show appreciation, as well as notify influencers that you've posted new pins they might be interested in seeing and sharing to their own audience.

Download the update and step up your Pinterest game today!

Links: iTunes or Google Play

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