Listly is Upgraded and Looks Gorgeous

Listly is Upgraded and Looks Gorgeous

If you haven't used ( yourself, you may have seen some of the lists I've created in my blog posts using, like Top Google+ Educators & Influencers or Best Mobile Apps for Business. is an amazing tool for facilitating crowdsourced lists, making it a darling tool for blogging and content marketing, and the entire site just got a makeover. V4

The new is more than just a cosmetic upgrade, though it's that too. Throughout the site, the contemporary trend of displaying content as cards is prevalent, from the display of trending lists to your profile information.

One interesting aspect of is that it knows when you embed a list on your site, and can not only tell visitors where that list is embedded, but even go so far as to only show lists that have been embedded on other sites. The new home page sports a toggle that allows you to filter trending lists and see which ones are popular and have been embedded elsewhere.

And to further highlight embedding activity, lists that have been embedded have a green link icon superimposed that you can mouseover to see where it's embedded, and click to open that website directly, making it easier to identify and see that blog post or page.

The card design also means that the site is responsive, and the display of trending lists will scroll infinitely. And unlike other infinite scroll implementations, I was pleased to see that all site links have been included into the header.

I was also impressed with the new Newsroom which is your notification center. When you begin to take advantage of the social aspects of and follow lists and list creators, your Newsroom will become an active display of what the people and lists you're interested in are up to.

List Creation

The heart of, creating lists, remains as easy as ever. I worked up this list of the noted features and changes found in V4 and it was the same, simple process. I particularly love using the Quick Add Items for text and links!


What do you think of the new


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