HootSuite Tips and Tricks with Mike Allton [HOA Video]

HootSuite Tips and Tricks with Mike AlltonMike Allton was pleased to be invited to Denise Wakeman's Adventures In Visibility weekly Hangout On Air (HOA), specifically to dig into all of the great things businesses can do with HootSuite.

Denise had been using HootSuite for a while but like many of us, found the dashboard intimidating and wasn't using all of the advanced tools and features offered. Mike has been publishing an intense series of articles all about HootSuite and is a HootSuite Certified Solution Pro. Throughout these articles, Mike has been talking about using HootSuite for things like Social Listening and Content Curation, and Denise wanted Mike to share that knowledge live.

Questions asked and addressed during the show include:

  1. What is Social Listening?
  2. How does one use HootSuite for Social Listening?
  3. How does on set up a Saved Search as a Stream within HootSuite?
  4. Do HootSuite Tabs have to be specific to social profiles?
  5. What's a good way to organize Tabs and Streams for Social Listening?
  6. How does one use Saved Templates to send canned responses to Tweets?
  7. Does HootSuite support Google+?
  8. Does HootSuite support Google+ Circles?
  9. Can you +1 or comment on Google+ posts within HootSuite?
  10. What are the differences between the Free and Pro versions of HootSuite?
  11. What is Content Curation?
  12. How does HootSuite assist with Content Curation?
  13. Is the HootSuite Syndicator a replacement for other RSS Readers?
  14. Is HootSuite Syndicator available to the Free version?
  15. What are HootSuite apps?
  16. How do HootSuite Analytics work?
  17. What is AutoSchedule?
  18. How does HootSuite determine AutoScheduling timing?
  19. How does Mike have his HootSuite dashboard set up?
  20. How can one use HootSuite to participate in Twitter Chats?
  21. How secure is HootSuite?

Watch the full HOA! (approx. 45 minutes)


HootSuite Tips and Tricks with Mike Allton


If you haven't yet signed up for a HootSuite account, you can get a free trial here (affiliate link), and you can contact Mike if you would like additional training and support.

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