A Google+ Community for St. Louis

A Google+ Community for St. Louis

Google+ Communities have been created for quite a few topics, with more being launched every day. One area that is still lagging though is virtual regional communities. As a St. Louis business owner, one of the first things I did when I started to join communities was to look for a St. Louis community. Initially there were only one or two of course, and since then a few more have popped up. Very few though are active, and the ones that are aren't focused on business. So, I have created a new community just for St. Louis businesses called St. Louis Networking.

St. Louis Networking (https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106614664371166525852) exists to help business owners connect with other business owners. It will offer members opportunities to network, discuss, find groups and schedule events.


Like any networking group, members can join the Community and introduce themselves. Unlike a traditional networking group though, members who post an introduction get to have that introduction displayed and available for every new member as soon as that member joins. And because each member has a Google+ profile, other members have instant access to your complete profile, links to your website and blog posts, and whatever other information you choose to share. Google+ is the ideal business networking platform, and members can take full advantage of that.


Like most communities, members will participate in various discussions. You can share great information or pose questions and let community members help you address those questions. Since this is a St. Louis group, all discussion will relate in some way to St. Louis and issues and topics that affect St. Louis businesses.

In addition to posted discussions, the Community will host regular Google+ Hangouts to have real-time discussions on topics of interest, as well as create valuable face time and interaction between members. HIRL (Hangouts in Real Life) will also be scheduled to further build community. 

Group Directory

One significant challenge to any business owner that is new to the area, or who is new to networking, is finding a good group. While there are lots of great networking groups throughout St. Louis, how do you find the one that's right for you? This Community will faciliate that by encouraging local group members and owners to talk about their groups and let others know who they are, where they meet, what kinds of meetings they run and the kinds of members they already have. Now, whether you're looking a small group in St. Charles or a B2B focused group downtown, you will be able to find the right group and learn more about it.


Finally, business owners will be able to keep an eye on a variety of business-related events in the St. Louis area. Members will post events for their local networking group, Chambers of Commerce, Business Conferences, Seminars and more.

All St. Louis area businesses are welcome to join, and there is no cost. The only requirement is that you have or create a free Google+ account for yourself. If you have a business in St. Louis and see the value in networking and connecting with other business owners in the area, join St. Louis Networking (https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106614664371166525852) today.


If you aren't in the St. Louis area, I'm afraid this Community isn't for you, but you're welcome to start one of your own! Feel free to pose questions and comments regarding how you might start a community for your city or region. If you're already part of a great regional community, please share the link so that others can potentially join.

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