Google+ Adds More Detail to Notifications

Google+ Adds More Detail to Notifications

In what might appear to be a minor update at first, Google+ has added additional detail to the internal notifications pane.

For instance, instead of saying "10+ +1's, Mentions" the notification might now read, "Mentioned, Reshared, Commented on, +1'd" followed by the title (first sentence) of the post.

When other users share posts with you, or are in a circle in which you have set up to notify you of their posts, the notifications similarly include a more specific, detailed description.

Updated Google+ Notifications

So what's the big deal?

Put simply, businesses that use the convention of writing a "title" at the beginning of their post will continue to stand out in notifications. The notification detail only includes text, so all you do is share an image, the notification description won't say anything at all!

Instead, make sure that you're getting your follower's attention right from the start with an effective title. Use Google+ formatting and put an * before and after your first sentence to make it bold and further communicate the importance of what you're saying.

When users are getting overwhelmed by notifications left and right, taking a moment to add some style and formatting to your post so that it stands out more in the stream and in the notification panel can be tremendously helpful, both to you and to your readers.

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