Gmail Enhances Attachments, Connects Google Plus

Gmail Enhances Attachments, Connects Google Plus

Gmail continues to get better. Today's update brings some very interesting improvements to attachments, as well as how Gmail handles links to both Google+ and Google Drive. We'll review the details of the update and enhancements, and we'll also touch on why businesses should consider Gmail for their email client.

Enhanced Attachments

Attachments to your emails now appear with larger thumbnail images, making it far easier to identify what a particular attachment is. And when you tap one, they open into a full screen viewing experience.

Old Gmail Attachment Style:

Old Gmail Attachment Style

New Gmail Attachment Style:

New Gmail Attachment Style

Google+ & Google Drive Integration

Continuing Google's efforts to better integrate all of their apps, any links within an email that are to Google+ or Google Drive will now open those apps, if they're installed, rather than as a browser window within Gmail.

Certainly, you will need to have these apps installed, and you can control this behavior within the in-app settings.

Why Use Gmail?

Since converting to Gmail earlier this year, I've begun recommending that other businesses adopt Gmail as their email client, and today's update is a perfect example of why. Google is regularly improving what is already a great application.

1. Businesses can set up POP accounts within Gmail so that they can send and receive from branded email addresses.
2. Email users can utilize a single desktop / mobile interface that is consistent.
3. Desktop operating systems are afforded an additional layer of protection from email viruses.
4. Google continues to find new and innovative ways to integrate all of their key products.

For instance, if you have travel plans like airline reservations come through your Gmail account, Google will recognize and analyze those messages and help you by using Google Now to track your flight and issue reminders.

Another favorite example of mine is when Google+ sends me email notifications for mentions. I can open Google+ if I want to, but the email notification is actually tied directly to the Google+ post, allowing me to +1 the post and respond with a comment within Gmail if I want to, without ever leaving that email message. We're only talking about a matter of seconds here, of course, but when you consider how an efficiency like this can accumulate over time, and how sometimes it's just easier to respond in this manner, you can begin to see the benefit Google and Gmail offers.

As we use tools like Drive and Google+ more and more, having even tighter integration between them and Gmail will only enhance our experience and create time efficiencies. If you haven't already tried Gmail, I'd strongly recommend it.

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