Facebook embraces mobile voice and video

Facebook embraces mobile voice and video

Facebook has been experimenting with video messaging for a short while now. Today, Facebook released version 5.4 of their mobile app for iOS to support it. There has been no official announcement yet from Facebook.

According to the update, Facebook users can now share their moments with voice messages and video recordings right from the app:

  • Send voice messages when you have more to say
  • Record and share videos right from the app

The update also brings improvements to the Facebook Nearby tab making it easier for Facebook users to connect with and share businesses in their area.

To create a voice message, open the Facebook app and go to Chat. Select someone you wish to chat with and you'll see the familiar chat dialogue screen. Tap the + button to reveal options to attach an image, take a new picture with your camera, or record your voice.

Now, when you want to record your voice, be sure to tap the record button and then HOLD it until you're finished recording. As soon as you release your finger, the recording will stop.

Send your friends a voice message with Facebook Chat.

To take a video using the Facebook app, you will need to start a new status update. You can then tap the camera icon which brings up images on your phone. Tap the camera icon in the lower left again to open your phone's camera to take a new image. You'll then see the slider in the bottom right corner to change to video mode.

Voice messages seem like they will be a very convenient way to send someone a message that may be too complicated to tap out on the keyboard. I know some people who have gone so far as to eschew text messaging in favor of Facebook messaging (Michael Hyatt mentions that in Platform, for example), but I'm not sure I'm ready to take that step.

In terms of business applications, few are readily apparent. Until Facebook updates the Pages app to allow businesses to create and post video directly to a Facebook Page, I think these features will be limited to personal use only.

What do you think about these updates? Will you use the voice messaging or built in video support?

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