Twitter Makes Conversations Easier

Twitter released an update to their mobile apps today that makes significant changes in the way Conversations are displayed and function. Within Twitter, a Conversation exists any time someone creates a Tweet, and someone else replies to that Tweet. They must be "public" tweets and not Direct Messages, and can include multiple Twitter users. The Conversation thread is maintained by including each other's Twitter handles.

HootSuite Reports Account Hack Attempts, Takes Steps

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed something odd. I use HootSuite not only for myself, but for many of my social media marketing clients, and am often logged into multiple HootSuite accounts using several different web browsers. When switching back and forth between accounts to post updates and monitor activity, I kept having to log back in.

Triberr Continues to put Authors First

Have you ever read an article on a website that you enjoyed so much, you wanted to share it with all your Twitter followers? So you click the ever-present Tweet button and a window pops up with the title and link to the post set up for you. But sometimes, there's also a Twitter handle included. It's usually something like, "via @SocialMediaHats." That's something that the site owners set up to encourage tweets to include a mention of the article's author.