See who is retweeting you within the HootSuite Dashboard

Back in August, HootSuite wanted to kick their internal development and improvement into high gear, so they scheduled a two-day hackathon. "#HootHackathon is a two day sprint to build something new, fix something old or just create something awesome." Projects are wide-ranging, and inspiration comes from a variety of sources, but most important are HootSuite's Feedback Forum entries - comments and suggests and requests from HootSuite users.

Buffer App Includes Twitter Autocomplete and More

Buffer is one of those apps that can really help you keep on top of your social media activity. I recommend it regularly to businesses and bloggers, as it allows them to set up a schedule for when they want to tweet or post, and then just add new shares to their queue.

But when it comes to engaging with people and influencers on Twitter, Buffer has never been a good choice. You'd have to know the Twitter handle of someone in order to mention them in a Tweet shared via Buffer.

The new HootSuite Hootlet takes social sharing and research to new heights

Many business owners spend time every day researching and reading interesting articles and websites that they would like to share to their social media accounts and with their followers. While you can copy and paste URLs into status update windows to compose posts, that's a manual and time-consuming process and a poor ploy when you want to share several articles in a row.

How to Integrate Your MailChimp Email Campaigns with HootSuite

The basic tenets of inbound marketing are that you will create content on your website, share it to social networks to drive traffic, and then collect email addresses of interested visitors to be used for email marketing. You can then regularly reach out to your followers and subscribers and create opportunities for both engagement and sales.

HootSuite is Ready for iOS7 with Gorgeous New App

Like so many other apps, HootSuite for Facebook & Twitter has been updated to be fully compatible with iOS7. With the upgrade comes a complete facelift, icon included, to bring a great new look to the social media management app. This has become, without a doubt, one of my favorite apps to use, and has completely replaced the native Twitter app for me.