Google Now for iOS adds Notifications, New Cards and more

Google Search, the iOS app that gives iPhone users access to the Google Now functions, has received an extensive update that adds Notifications, Reminders, New cards, and the handsfree voice-activation option of "OK Google."

Many of these features were originally announced at Google I/O, and have been available on the Android platform for some time.

Is Twitter trying to be more like Instagram and Pinterest?

Twitter, famous for their 140-character text updates, has decided that attaching and embedding images and video into tweets isn't enough for Twitter users. In an announcement, it was revealed that now, Images and Video will appear in the Twitter stream as previews, and that the multimedia can now be shared without any text at all.

Just like Instagram, Facebook and Google+, interestingly.

Google+ Improves Hangouts, Images and Movies and makes them Awesome!

Google welcomed us into a converted warehouse this morning for coffee, where beautiful photography was on display, and was the focus of a series of announcements. Over the past two years, Google+ has seen tremendous growth, now boasting over 540 million acive users (within the past 30 days), and over 1.5 billion photos uploaded each week. As they have throughout these two years, Google continues to implement improvements and new features for the Google+ platform to make it an easier, richer experience for all users.

Buffer Has Been Hacked. Here's what you need to do Now.

At approximately 3pm EST, Buffer's servers were compromised. Unlike other public hack jobs, this one wasn't about stealing passwords or payment information. Instead, the breach permitted the attackers access to post to member social profiles. Buffer has publicly ackowledged the attack and is working to resolve any and all security breaches and compromises.

Google Turns Hangouts into Complete Communication Tool

Google added some really interesting capabilities to the Hangouts app over the weekend. With the update, Hangout users can use the app to call any phone number within the US or Canada for free with their iPhone, iPad or even iPod Touch (and with Android devices, thanks to a previous update). They can also receive calls using their Google Voice number.

Edit Facebook Posts and Comments from your iPhone!

Facebook has brought some much-needed functionality to the iPhone: post and comment editing! According to today's update, Facebook users can now edit their posts and comments, and tap to see their changes.

The update also gives users the option to insert a photo as part of a comment on a post from their mobile phone.

Additionally, the update includes: