News Unveils Smart Twitter List Management Tool

How long have you been using Twitter? Years? If you’re at all active like me, you’ve probably followed quite a few people. The problem with Twitter, of course, is that once you’ve followed, oh, say, 100 or more people, the Home stream becomes so active as to be completely useless. And if you’ve ever used a follow-first method to gain more followers, it’s even worse.

Do you even look at your Home stream anymore?

Everypost, the social media management tool, adds Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages

I’ve talked before about Everypost, and labeled it “THE personal social media management tool.” I described it as a personal tool because, at the time, it only supported personal accounts on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn (plus Twitter, of course). Now, Everypost supports business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and even Google+. Is this a game changer?

Manage Your Foursquare Presence using HootSuite

If the point of a social media dashboard is to be able to view and manage all of your social media activity and profiles in one place, HootSuite continues to be the supreme choice among both businesses and social media managers. This is in part due to the outstanding tool and great people at HootSuite, but also in large part due to the fact that HootSuite actively supports and works with third-party developers who can provide apps to be installed which extend HootSuite's capability.

Does anyone still use the Messages app? Facebook and Google+ both offer alternatives.

Facebook has released an update for their Messenger app, the stand-alone app that makes chatting with your Facebook friends more convenient. The updated app sports a fresh design that's in line with the new iOS7 look and feel, but it also adds the ability to message anyone who has text messaging. You can access your contacts and message them, or tap in a phone number and send that person a text message as well.

Does this sound familiar?

Google+ Goes Back to Static, Smaller Cover Photos

Back in March, Google+ released a number of changes to user profiles, including a radical new look to cover photos - those large images at the top of our profile pages. They got bigger. A lot bigger. So big that you had to scroll down to see the meat of your profile, or scroll up to see the whole image. Some users loved them, but many users hated them and felt them to be unwieldy.

So, we're changing again.