Chrome for iOS to play nicer with other Google Apps

Chrome for iOS to play nicer with other Google Apps

Google has released an update to Chrome for iOS which dramatically improves how it interacts with other Google apps which you may have installed on the same device.

First, if you've logged into Google from within Chrome, you'll be able to log into the other apps with a single click.

And anytime you're viewing a site within Chrome and tap a link, you'll have the option of opening that link in the appropriate app: YouTube, Maps, Google+ or Drive, instead of the Chrome browser. This is a preference that you can adjust in Chrome app settings, and Google states that support for additional apps is coming soon. Simply open Settings and tap on Google Apps. You'll see sliders for the currently available apps for which you can enable this feature.

This level of interoperability has been much-needed. Hopefully it will come soon to the other apps. For instance, when you're in Google+ and tap a link to another Google+ post, it opens that post within the Google+ browser, and not as another post, often requiring that you sign into Google+. Again. Opening such posts within the native app, and having the option to open links with Chrome would be welcome.


In addition, the update adds increased language support for voice search within Chrome, as well as improved visibility of the toolbar controls while doing a voice search.

Bandwidth Management

The other big announcement tied to this update was an experimental feature being rolled out that is designed to speed up page load times and bandwidth usage by using data compression. The feature will also provide additional levels of security for data being communicated.

Try out the latest version of Chrome for iPhone and iPad [iTunes link] today.

Mike Allton, Content Marketing Practitioner

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