Building Your Blogging Influence, an HOA with Mike Allton

Building Your Blogging Influence, an HOA with Mike AlltonMike Allton was pleased to be a guest on the weekly HOA with David Oldenburg and Nicole Flannery. During the show, Mike and David and Nicole discussed how businesses who have other businesses as clients (B2B) can use blogging and social media to bring in more web traffic, generate leads, and convert leads into sales. They also talked about the tools and processes that businesses can use to start blogging effectively, and how techniques like "Newsjacking" can be extraordinarily powerful.

Watch the full show here:

Some of the questions asked and discussed during the show include:

  1. How did Mike get started on Google+ and get tens of thousands of followers?
  2. What does Mike do to try to engage with people and get that relationship to a deeper level.
  3. How does blogging directly affect one's business?
  4. Is blogging just for B2C?
  5. What's the difference between B2B and B2C blogging?
  6. What is Newsjacking?
  7. What is Mike's process for evaluating and writing Newsjacking stories?
  8. How do you identify Newsjacking sources?
  9. What should he goal bel for Newsjacking and B2B Blogging?
  10. How does Mike Allton and The Social Media Hat help businesses?
  11. What tools does Mike use to create and manage blogs and social media activity?
  12. How does Mike use Evernote?
  13. How does Mike use HootSuite?
  14. When starting a new blog, is it best to wait to allow guest bloggers or should you invite them early to help with creating content?
  15. How often does Mike get approached by guest bloggers?
  16. How did Mike's passion for writing get started, and why does he believe so much in Content Marketing?
  17. Should businesses push their business on social media and Google+ specifically, and if so, how?
  18. What are some tips or tricks when it comes to Google+ and the Google+ profile?
  19. How much time does Mike spend per day on Social Media?
  20. How does Buffer fit into a business's social media time and activity?
  21. When should businesses schedule blog posts and social media activity?
  22. How often should businesses re-share blog posts?
  23. Does Buffer include Google+ profiles?
  24. What is DoShare?
  25. How soon can businesses re-share old blog content?
  26. What is the value of blogging in the first place?
  27. What is the lifespan of a blog post?
  28. How can businesses and bloggers incorporate video and video blogging?
  29. How much do all of these tools cost? Evernote / HootSuite / Buffer / Empire Avenue / Triberr


Nicole also asked the following trivia questions. Do you know the answers?

1. What is the top money-making topic for bloggers?

A. Celebrity News
B. Technology
C. Blogging Tips

2. What does Dino Dogan of Triberr find disgusting?

A. Spammers
B. Member Fees
C. Ads 

3. Which is the top earning blog?

A. Perez Hilton
B. Huffington Post
C. Mashable

4.  In 2009, the social media management system BriteKit was renamed HootSuite, which was an idea by:

A. A contest submission
B. One of the team founders
C. HootSuite CEO's secretary 

Watch to show to find out if you're right!

Enjoy the show, and if you have a business blog that's not driving enough traffic to your site or generating enough leads, get help!

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