The Best Social Sharing Plugin Is Getting Better

The Best Social Sharing Plugin Is Getting Better

Ok... you know how I said I only recommend tools that I use personally? Well, this is the one exception.

Social Warfare is the best all-around social sharing plugin you can use. Unfortunately, my site isn't compatible, or I'd be using it myself. I have however helped other clients and colleagues install it. And of course I've enjoyed using Social Warfare as an end-user when it's working on sites where I want to share content to social.

And it's amazing.

With Social Warfare, you get more than just a pretty set of social sharing icons - you get customization, branding, incredible functionality, and more. Dustin W. Stout, Co-Founder of Warfare Plugins, says, "We built Social Warfare because we wanted high-performance and strategic results. No other sharing plugin offered that, so we built our own solution."

Gorgeous social sharing buttons and features with Social Warfare.

And, next week, Social Warfare is turning two! 2.0, that is.

With this update comes a massive overhaul of the UI, along with some fantastic new features and updates. According to the official announcement

  • Updated Popular Posts widget: All new features including post thumbnails, custom styling and time-based filtering.
  • Pin button on all images: Yes, that's right, you can now activate a Pin button on all your images when a visitor hovers over the image, making every image inside your content super-pinnable.
  • Pinterest @mentions: Get your @username added to the pin description every time someone pins from your site.
  • Button short code modifiers: Declare which buttons you want to show when you use the button shortcode.
  • Better custom post type support: Some of you reported issues detecting and adding to some custom post types. This version fixes most of those issues for you.
  • Way better Translations: The plugin will now detect your WordPress install's default language and, if translated, will automatically use that language. If your language is not yet supported, we'd love it if you contributed it— it's super easy!
  • Hacker News: You will now have it as a share option!
  • Flipboard: You will now have it as a share option!

Try Social Warfare Today

Here's an example of what the new popular posts widget looks like in 2.0:

Social Warfare Popular Posts Widget

In addition to those and other general enhancements and improvements, Warfare Plugins promises ONE MORE THING... but they aren't spilling the beans until next week.

Whatever that new feature is, it's sure to be amazing, and a real asset to bloggers and businesses everywhere.

With the new version does come a slight increase in pricing, so you have until Tue. July 12th to lock in today's rates for - the lowest they'll ever be.

P.S. Most of you will simply need the $24/yr package, and can take full advantage of the 45-day guarantee.

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